Representing 3 different Nordic countries, we want to present classical masterpieces by Nordic, Russian and European composers from the late 19th Century until today.
It is our goal to make the audience hear the music in a greater context, while immersing in the music itself, and get a sense of how the composers influence each other, creating a new kind of music through time.

With Nordic spontaneity we play from our hearts, and try to express real feelings without disturbing the natural flow and form of the music.

We met in a pub in Copenhagen and immediately started to talk about all the great music we want to play together!

We are giving our first concert this summer at The Chamber Music Festival by Harbæk Fjord, playing two of the best piano trios of all time, Schubert’s Op. 100 and Shostakovitch’ Trio No. 2 as well as Grieg’s Andante con moto.

We hope to give many concerts in the future, sharing our deep love to music with audiences in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.

Having a life in music is extremely important to us. To get in close touch with classical music, it needs full attention, something that is rare in the modern world, but it is important for people not to forget to immerse themselves in the arts; modern life is increasingly superficial. The musical language brings people from all over the world closer. If you really get into music, it can give you an experience that enriches your life and—and what is more important than that?

PÅL EIDE - piano

Pål Eide has given numerous recitals in the Scandinavian countries for more than 20 years, and got his international breakthrough the last couple of years, receiving top reviews in leading international press, his latest cd Grey Clouds turning up on playlists of major classical radio channels in more than 15 countries. This gave opportunity to recent prestigious radio and tv concerts.

In 2019 he will perform Bach’s Piano Concerto No. 5 and Brandenburger Concerto No. 5 at Chamber Music Festival by Hjarbæk Fjord, as well as giving more than 25 recitals as Pianist of the Week at Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen and other summer festivals.

His new album Piano Pictures was recently recorded at Grieg’s Steinway from 1892, at Edvard Grieg Museum, Troldhaugen by two times Grammy award winning sound engineer Helmut Burk and filmed by film photographer Per Dreyer who wish to make a music film and documentary on the recording and Grieg’s influence on modern music.

Eide is a new president of the Nordic-Russian Music Society, based in Copenhagen as well as a new board member of the Rudersdal Summer Concerts, working with the musical program of the festival.

Aleksander Koelbel - violin

Aleksander Koelbel was born in 1984, and started playing the violin at the age of 6. He started studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2003.

From 2005 he studied 2 years at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki with Anatoli Melnikov, and the same year started studies in Vienna. In 2008 he was enrolled at the Menuhin Academy Switzerland, and became a member of its chamber orchestra, Camerata Lysy. With this orchestra he also appeared several times as soloist, at such places as Zürich Tonhalle and Basel concert hall. He has since 2007 undertaken private studies with the famous Moscow professor Yevgenija Tchougaeva and her student Viktor Tretyakov.

Since returning to native country Denmark in 2011 he was violinist for several years at the Royal Danish Opera and Orchestra. Since 2017 he has been violinist at the Danish National Radio Orchestra.

As a passionate chamber musician he has appeared at numerous famous european festivals including Gstaad, Salzburg  and Venice.

He is artistic director of a summer festival in Denmark where he in 2018 together with colleagues played J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concertos, violin concertos and several masterpieces of the chamber music repertoire.

Lauri Rantamoijanen - cello

After studies at the Sibeilus Academy with Heikki Rautasalo and Marko Ylönen, Lauri has also worked under the guidance of The Alban Berg Quarted and Lisa Phjola.

He was a finalist in the prestigious Turu Cello Competition and a finalist in the Eurovision Young Soloist Competition (2004) and has performed as a solist with the Finnish Radio Orchestra.

As an active chamber musician he has performed in many countries with various ensembles, playing a Francesco Ruggieri cello dated 1693.

Tobias van der Pals - cello

Tobias van der Pals – eminent Scandinavian cellist, enjoys an extensive international career as soloist, chamber musician and recording artist. 

Awarded soloist degree, DipRAM for outstanding solistic performance at Royal Academy of Music in London 2007. Winner of the of annual cello competition of Royal Danish Academy Music in 2008. Debut from Soloist Class of the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2009. Hailed by the international press, Tobias van der Pals has recorded several albums as soloist and chamber musician, for the labels CPO, Gateway Music and DaCapo. 

  • His technique is not only perfect but directly elegant. Breathtakingly difficult passages sounds with the same ease as the simplest tone combinations. It never rasps from Tobias van der Pals cello, and not for a moment he compromises with the natural, beautiful tone of his instrument. (Skanska Dagbladet, Sweden)

Tobias van der Pals plays on a cello from Modena made by the brothers Andrea and Gaetano Fiori in 1817. His main teachers were  Johannes Goritzki, Frans Helmersson and Morten Zeuthen. 


Pål Eide, Langebjergvej 124, 3050 Humlebæk
26 79 99 19

“Agonizing clarity… immense climax… gracious beauty… revealing details not noticed in other performances.”

American Record Guide